Ithaca Gay Men’s Chorus


Samantha Kwan


Sam Kwan is an alumna of Ithaca College’s Voice Performance and Music Education bachelor’s program. As a student at IC, Kwan performed in Women’s Chorale, Choir, Light Opera, Opera Workshop, and Main Stage Opera. She taught Pre-K general music, upper elementary choir, and high school choral/general music, as well as assisting with Ithaca’s Headstart Music Class. Post-grad, Kwan has worked in the hospitality industry with a focus on local agriculture, and studied as an amateur sommelier.

Hoping to specialize in Trans* Inclusive Vocal Pedagogy, Kwan plans to pursue a master’s degree in either Vocal Pedagogy or Music Therapy. Topics of research will include speech pathology, neuroscience, and body awareness in addition to standard graduate music coursework. Her long-term goal is to practice inclusive music education for singers of all backgrounds.

Kwan enjoys exploring the bounds of men’s choir repertoire and encouraging her singers to healthfully step outside of their vocal comfort zones. The mission of the Ithaca Gay Men’s Chorus is to impact audiences of all ages and backgrounds through music. Directing the choir has truly been a privilege for Kwan thus far, and she plans to continue pursuing her vision with the choir for years to come.